Non-fungible Cowboys (NFC)

An overview of what NFCs are, why they are unique, and what the future brings!
NFC #18 Cowboy Pepe, NFC #4 Apecowboy Colorful and an infamous cowboy!

1. About NFCs

Blockmine's NFTs are very special. But let's be honest, every project would claim the same. But still, our Blockmine's NFTs are really special so we call them NFCs! First of all, NFC stands for Non-Fungible-Cowboys. We did not create the NFCs just for having them, but we wanted to create something really unique that is worth collecting. Therefore, we have spared no efforts to design every single NFC by hand with love and patience. The result is awesome... really awesome. Look at all these beautiful NFCs... true art, made by hand, made by Blockmine, made for YOU!

Full collection can be found at​

Even though NFCs are divided into tiers (1-5) as many projects do, tiers are not a direct correlation to price. There are some tier 1 that are worth more than tier 2. One may question why, but a higher tier generally stands for more work and effort, while a higher price stands for more uniqueness. The prices were allocated based on very thorough assessments. The ones with higher prices stand out from the others and therefore deserve a higher price overall independent of the assigned tier level.
We aimed at providing NFCs for every price category to make them affordable for every cowboy. Therefore, NFCs started at 0.2 BNB (cheapest) and ended at 30 BNB (most expensive).

2. NFC Utility

People are looking and asking for utility all the time and we will definitely provide utilities in near future. The main utilities from our NFCs:
  • NFC lotteries: All in all 5 BNB will be distributed weekly via raffle tickets for our NFC holders. The higher the tier, the more tickets a NFC holder will get. More details here:​
T1 Holder = 1 Tickets
T2 Holder = 2 Tickets
T3 Holder = 3 Tickets
T4 Holder = 4 Tickets
T5 Holder = 5 Tickets
  • Special NFC Pools similar to our current VIP NFA pool on our website.​
  • Significant advantages in our Saloon Games
  • Exclusive Partnership Airdrops
  • Governance & Bitbar Utility
  • Upcoming utility in the WildWestVerse