How it actually should work

Blockmine is determined to provide sustainable liquidity mining, one which serves the purpose it was designed for — TO PROVIDE LIQUIDITY (… and to EARN LIQUIDITY SUSTAINABLY) …
✍️ Money NOT just generated out of thin air.
✍️ NO high incentive of the BIG BAGS to cart users’ money.
✍️ HIGH incentive to KEEP the money in the LIQUIDITY POOLS.

Analysis showing how this works:

The LIQUIDITY REWARDS are covered by:
  1. 1.
    the deposit fees (3%) that the platform receives…
  2. 2.
    the native token minting in a sustainable manner as part of the sustainability contract…
  3. 3.
    the gaming fees (see below for more information)…
  4. 4.
    and finally by the fees of the revolutionary DEX protocol (restricted chain routing RCR, see roadmap). The fees are DISTRIBUTED as analyzed below (considering a 3% fee, different fees have the same ratio of fee distribution):
✍️ 1.84% are paid out to LIQUIDITY PROVIDERS.
✍️ 0.92% are used for smart buybacks and AUTOMATIC burns over time
✍️ 0.15% goes to BLOCKMINE TREASURY, to be used for DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING COSTS (more people, more transactions, more gaming people, more revenue for liquidity providers).
✍️ 0.09% are used as fees paid to platform Operators.

Blockmine solves the major problems by…

✍️ … smart decaying and varying, non-fixed coin minting.
✍️ … automatic smart buyback and burn algorithms to ensure stable growth.
✍️ … limited utility tokens linked to the native platform token, thus, serving as a deflationary mechanism.
✍️ … locked LPs in mines to prevent the “1-day-jump-in-jump-outs” of BIG BAGS.
✍️ … having awesome utilities of tokens due to the gaming features and DEX.
✍️ … revolutionary DEX with restricted chain routing (RCR protocol).