Do $GOLDCOINs have an actual Usecase?

Gaming Feature in a nutshell!
Obviously, as mentioned before, there is a bigger Use-Case for the tokens than just value storage. To recap: No use case -> dump dump dump… *add dumping sound here*. The use-case of gaming features we provide is one that many yield farmers have been waiting for, but yet… apart from the lottery on EVERY PCS copy-cat… no one has really come up with something special, something new, something that is truly amazing… until now!!! It is time to introduce the gaming feature in the wild-west style. 🤠 (yeah, you are right, that is exactly the smart connection between games and $GOLD NUGGETs). What to do with $GOLD NUGGETs? What to do with $GOLDCOINs? Use it to pay an entry fee in every game the platform provides. We mentioned earlier that both $GOLD NUGGETs and $GOLDCOINs are needed to play. This has two reasons: On the one hand, the utility increases the value of gold coins, on the other hand, it serves as a deflationary factor for the $GOLD NUGGETs. Why is that? Simply put, first, a mathematically computed ratio of $GOLD NUGGETs(n):$GOLDCOIN(c) is needed to play, ultimately linking the $GOLD NUGGETs value to the utility value by math…
nprice=nsupplycsupply⋅cpricen_{price} = \frac {n_{supply}} {c_{supply}} \cdot c_{price}
The required amount of nuggets is determined by the ratio of the supply and the required gold coins.
…and secondly, $GOLD NUGGETs are burned 100% during the gaming process. Thus, the required amount of $GOLD NUGGETs decreases over time, the more $GOLD NUGGETs are burned (the above solution also ensures that at no point in time there won’t be enough $GOLD NUGGETs available if people keep burning too many of them). The $GOLDCOINs are paid back to liquidity providers through the sustainability contract as well as partially used as gaming prizes, closing our circle of sustainability. We plan to release a new game every few months… of course, depending on the complexity of the game, and the best thing, after all, is: We want THE COMMUNITY & YOU to tell us what you wish to play on our platform. 🥰
Initial games will include:
(the first game released at the latest after four weeks after app launch when $GOLDCOINs are collectible)
🤙 Coin Games (Between two players)
Games that are further planned:
🤙 Surprise boxes (Loot boxes)
🤙 BlackJack (Between two players)
🤙 Treasury Boxes (Investment, etc… )
🤙 Knife Dart
🤙 Blockmine Russian Roulette
🤙 Cart Race
Initial MINES will include
🤠 $GOLDNUGGET-BNB (30d lock, instant mining/collecting)
🤠 $BNB-BUSD (30d lock, instant mining/collecting)
Initial POOLS/BOOSTER include:
🤠 $GOLDNUGGET -> $GOLDNUGGET (30d lock, no burn, instant mining/collecting)
🤠 $GOLDNUGGET-> $GOLDCOIN (30d lock, burn, 30d collect lock for refined tokens)