Blockmine: A revolutionary, Sustainable Liquidity Mining Solution on Binance Smart Chain
Since the dawn of time (or at least the launch of UniSwap/SushiSwap on Ethereum Chain), many things have changed in the DeFi space. While exchanges are being more and more regulated (on most centralized exchanges, you are required to provide ID and proof of address), decentralized exchanges gave back what cryptocurrency was meant to be: A fully non-centralized ecosystem. Of course, centralization comes with advantages and disadvantages, but being able to trade assets without the need to register is still one of the main incentives that a decentralized exchange provides. Read on the following pages what unique solutions Blockmine offers for the DeFi space and how it will contribute to the Metaverse with Blockchain Gaming! But first watch our great Three and a half minutes of pure action and education! A perfect summary and overview of our beautiful Blockmine! Grab your popcorn cowboys!