Mining Guide (Passive Income)

Whoever steps into the halls of our mine wonders, where to begin? We would like to answer this question in the following pages. So read carefully!🤠
The first and most important step is to get $GOLDNUGGETs. How do you get these beautiful little golden somethings? Quite simple: You get them here by swapping BNB or BUSD: Apeswap​
If you have bought your precious, precious $GOLDNUGGETs, then your may question where to mine them...or even evolve them TO $GOLDCOIN or even $GOLDBAR! You want to make some decent money, don't you? For this purpose, we have summarized each option below. Read through the different ways on the following pages and then make your choice or even better, invest in all of them. Diversification is the most important thing!
NOTE: We generally recommend using MetaMask for the best experience. Read the following Binance Academy article how to setup your Metamask to use the Binance Smart Chain: Link to Article​