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Where can I buy GOLD NUGGETs?

You can buy it on​
ATTENTION: The current GOLD NUGGET liquidity pool on Pancakeswap was provided by other users and does not have much liquidity! We will announce when it is also safely tradable on Pancakeswap. BUY ON APESWAP INSTEAD

What is with the presale 24h exclusive mine?

Exclusive mining is a bad idea right now since it can cause too much inflation. Focus should be incentivizing people adding funds to the liquidity pool. After the compensation period, we will think of another exclusive goody that we can offer to everyone holding the CMPToken (so, please keep it).

What are the next marketing plans?

Check our Telegram groups to stay tuned!

Why are there lockups in the Mine?

We have chosen a long lockup for our platform which has several advantages:
  • Provides stability in price and profits
  • Users automatically make higher profits because they are in the mine for a longer period of time
  • Prevent bots
  • The miners have more time to promote the mine and help the community!
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