Marketing & NFC Fund Allocation

Marketing is important for the project, that's why we put a lot of focus on it!
As you know, Blockmine is a long-term project and not a short-lived meme token. That is why it is important for us to achieve solid and steady growth. The best marketing comes from uniqueness, utility, and long-term hard work. We have tokenomics that are globally unique. With our token evolution, we have entered a new era. 🚀
To enlighten you on what we are up to, here is a brief overview of our plans for absolute world domination😎

NFC Funding Allocation

Blockmine aims to always be transparent. We have been getting questions regarding the fund usage of the NFC sale, and of course, we want to give you an overview of how much funds were raised and the funds will be allocated.
Raised Funds
  • Sale 1: 106 BNB (40,000$)
  • Sale 2: 173 BNB (70,000$)
Fund Usage after complete sale:
  • Marketing and Partner Pools: 60%
  • Buyback of GOLD NUGGET and Burn: 20%
  • Development/Design and upcoming team costs: 15%
  • Gaming Fee Allocation to provide LINK: 5%
Update December 2021:
We discussed the buyback heavily in our team and are of the opinion that we want to do something for $GOLDNUGGETs, but at the same time we want to increase the incentive to hold $GOLDBAR even more! We have decided that we will set up 50% of the buyback as a wBTC pool, which we believe is much more effective than a simple buyback!
The staking limit will be 10 $GOLDBAR for the wBTC pool.
Regarding the other 50%…we will buy up $GOLDNUGGETs and burn them forever!🔥This was done on 12/31/2021.